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Summer Solstice☀️ Manifestation Candle with crystals and botanicals

Summer Solstice☀️ Manifestation Candle with crystals and botanicals

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All hail the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice (also known as Litha or Midsummer/Midsommar). Every year on the 21st June, the sun rises at full strength and potency, nourishing every living being on our planet with bountiful light and life, lifting our mood, helping our food to grow and creating beauty wherever the golden rays land. 

This time of celebration and abundance is a powerful time to celebrate the blessings, healing and strength the sun brings. Why not write a gratitude list, eat outside or gather flowers and light candles to celebrate and give thanks on this brightest day?


Fresh Mint + Stem Ginger + Jasmine + Tobacco

A dreamy combination of scents for the brightest day of the year. The fresh mint and ginger bring the brightness of summer, and evoke happy dreams of long summer days. The heady bouquet of jasmine provides a bright floral note, while the earthy scent of tobacco grounds and brings balance. 


+ Creativity, Energy, Confidence +

+ Energy, Action, Power +

+ Longevity, Love, Friendship +

+ Confidence, Pride, Wealth +

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