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Pink Moon🌙 Manifestation Candle with crystals and botanicals

Pink Moon🌙 Manifestation Candle with crystals and botanicals

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If Saturday mornings were a candle - Pink Moon would be it. Filled with boundless optimism, a splash of self love and a big helping of optimism, this candle is sure to light up even the darkest day.

Formerly known as Strawberry Moon, Pink Moon is here to bring the summer vibes, even in the depths of winter. Hold tight, stand tall, and buckle up, it's here to help you feel at home in yourself, and spread that energy out into the world. 


Rhubarb + Grapefruit + Strawberry

The citrus tang of the grapefruit cuts through the sharp scent of rhubarb and the sweet strawberries to give a well rounded and uplifting scent. 


+ Power, Home, Connection +

+ Prosperity, Love, The Future +

+ Good Luck, Health, Fertility +

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