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Sleepy time shower steamer

Sleepy time shower steamer

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Introducing our Sleepytime Chamomile Lavender Aromatherapy Shower Bath Steamer!

If you're in search of a soothing and fragrant blend to help you drift off into a deep sleep, look no further.

This incredible blend of lavender, marjoram, lemon, and chamomile is here to work its magic and have you snoring in no time. 

Whether you prefer a nice, long soak in the tub or a hot shower before bedtime, this versatile aromatherapy shower and bath steamer has got you covered.

Designed to be used as either a shower steamer or a bath bomb, it's your choice! We understand that not everyone has the luxury of taking a long soak with essential oils and bath salts.

That's why we've created these shower bursts to transform your ordinary shower into a spa-like aromatherapy experience.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, including essential oils, absolutes, and herbal tinctures, these shower bursts not only provide aromatherapy benefits but also keep your bath drains smelling fresh.

Simply set it on the floor of your shower or bath, away from the water stream, and allow the steam to activate it. The steamier, the better!

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to sweet dreams with our Sleepytime Chamomile Lavender Aromatherapy Shower Bath Steamer. Your dreams will thank you for it!

For maximum results in the shower, take a hot, steamy shower and let the shower fizzy slowly fizz during your shower. It's like having your own personal little aromatherapy room. And if you prefer a bath, just unwrap and toss the shower burst into the tub. Lie back, relax, and let the soothing scent envelop you for at least 15 minutes to experience the maximum effect.

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